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 mystery snail eggs

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PostSubject: mystery snail eggs   Sun May 19, 2013 4:31 pm

I just noticed my sole mystery snail has laid a large clutch of eggs on the underside of the HOB filter lid. She (I guess she's a girl now!) has been in the tank since Feb 18 and these are the first eggs I've seen. I've read they can store sperm but is 3 months too long and can I assume they will be infertile? Just curious as to whether I should get rid of them, move them to hatch or just leave them be (in the filter). Any ideas?
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PostSubject: Re: mystery snail eggs   Mon May 20, 2013 1:17 pm

How humid would you say the environment is where the eggs are? If it's fairly high, you can leave them.

Otherwise, you can carefully remove them and float them on a damp sponge.

One method most people use is to use a small tupperware container (about the size you can get from a chinese restraunt with the sweet and sour sauce).

Take one paper towel and get it wet. Not dripping wet though. Fold it and place it on the bottom. Fold a dry paper towel and lay on top of the wet one. Place egg sac on top of the dry paper towel. put the lid on and then float in the aquarium.

Carefully change out the paper towel ever so often.
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mystery snail eggs

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