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PostSubject: new to forum   Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:39 am

Hi My name is Laura. I have two tanks. One is a 150gallon in which used to house swordtails, guppies, endlers, 3 plecos, and 3long finned cories and live plants. There are probably about 20 babies left in there that can't be caught and I kept the plecos and cories.
I also have a 20 gallon that I pull guppies out into so the swords don't eat the babies.

I have had the 150 up several years and want to change to freshwater angel fish as I always wanted them back in my 7 fishtank college days but never tried.
Currently I use a fluval canister and a sponge filter the canister came with the tank when we bought it but I have to say I miss the undergravel hang on the back combos of college days. Maybe I need to learn more about make the canister more successful. Simple gals like simple filters ha ha.

My live plants mostly just survive but rarely grow. Some types last a few months and red plants don't do well at all. I have regular T8 fluorescents and LED lights and don't use a hood but its a deep tank.
I don't use CO 2 which would probably help but to me its not worth the expense or the time. I do use flourite and fertilizer.

I am located between Lynchburg and Charlottesville. PAWS in Lynchburg is a nice LFS store and CJ has always bought my extra guppies and swords.

Anyone wishing to sell some babies angels please contact me. I'd buy bigger ones if you have higher ph and moderate to hard water.

Thanks for including me in the forum I hope to gain knowledge to enjoy my hobby even more.
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PostSubject: Re: new to forum   Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:10 pm

Welcome, again, Laura.  I'm glad you found us and hope our members will be able to help you out with angelfish.  Your WTB thread is getting some replies, so good luck, I hope you can get what you want.      

PAW in Lynchburg is quite a store and we have nice reviews of it posted in our Area Stores/Central Virginia forum.  In fact, we are planning a club trip to PAW, when the weather warms up.  
 Very Happy

My Tanks. 
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