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 Nano-Reefs: JRAS (Richmond) Wed June 25

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PostSubject: Nano-Reefs: JRAS (Richmond) Wed June 25   Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:01 pm

From Dennis Bragg at JRAS:

Hi Gang, We will be holding our June 2014 James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting this Wednesday, June 25th at 7:30 PM at Petco, 13329 Rittenhouse Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112, Phone: (804) 744-4687. Any questions contact Dennis Bragg, Cell/Text: (804) 690-2152. Directions / Map are below. NOTE: THIS IS NOT OUR REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING SITE AT DGIF!

About our program this Wednesday evening: Joe Lirot and Richard Glenn of Petco’s “Top 100 Saltwater Stores in the US” will present:

"Nano Reef Tanks, Is it a waste of time? Everyone says it's hard! Is it?”

About our Wednesday program speakers:

Richard Glenn is an aquatic guru that owns a company called Fishy Business that had an active aquatic retail store from 1984-1997, but has now evolved into a pond set up and maintenance services company for numerous clients around the city. Richard has also worked at Azalea Aquarium and Pet dimension supply, a wholesale aquatic supply company. Richard has 30 years hard-won experience in the aquatic industry both fresh and salt and is now also acting as an inventory manager for Petco.

Joe Lirot has been involved in strictly saltwater aquariums and reef systems for the last six years, has been with Petco for five years, and is now the assistant store manager for Petco.

Joe owns two businesses that are both active within a two state area. While the businesses Joe owns do not pertain to saltwater, it made him aware of the busy lives that all of us have. Even travelling extensively he didn't want to give up on his passion for saltwater aquaria. Out of necessity, due to extensive travel and being extremely busy, Joe had to created different ways to make life easier with his tanks. This led Joe to being somewhat of an expert in the Nano-reef field out of necessity.

Richard Glen and Joe Lirot have worked hand-in-hand building and educating Petco customers in the saltwater field and have built their store up to be in the top 5% of saltwater sales in the entire US for Petco. They now are in the top 100 spot for all 2000 Petco’s nationwide! Both Joe, Richard, and Petco look forward to sharing their wisdom on how to efficiently setup, choose species, and maintain very small reef aquaria- a very hot topic nationwide!

Auction: As usual, we will be holding our end of meeting auction of livestock, plants, hard goods, etc. This time, among other entry items, we will have large amounts of Myriophyllum elatinoides, Cabomba caroliniana, and several other very pretty aquarium plants, including Cryptocoryne wendtii v. 'bronze, PLUS a 4" Marble Motoro Freshwater Stingray pup born 6/6/14 with a reserve price of $20, and upwards of 20+ Girardinus metallicus - The “Metallic Livebearer” or “Cuban livebearer”.

1) Petco has a slight shortage of chairs for this meeting and we are asking those with fold-out chairs to bring one along just in case.

2) This month’s membership meeting is NOT BEING HELD AT OUR USUAL MEETING LOCATION! Don’t go to DGIF on Main Street near downtown or you will miss all the fun!

Hope to see you all at Petco, 13329 Rittenhouse Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112 at 7:30 PM this Wednesday afternoon for a truly great program on how to set up and care for a Nano saltwater reef! Store Phone: (804) 744-4687. Sincerely,

Dennis Bragg
JRAS President
Cell/Text: 804-690-2152
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Nano-Reefs: JRAS (Richmond) Wed June 25

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