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 JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!

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PostSubject: JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!    Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:16 am

The James River Aquarium Society will hold their First Annual July Grand Auction.

From President Dennis Bragg:

Hi Gang,

Below please find your James River Aquarium Society invitation for our July 23rd, Grand Auction 2014 meeting:

What:    James River Aquarium Society's (JRAS's) First Annual July Grand Auction set for our July 23rd Monthly Meeting!!

When:  The 4th Wednesday, July, 23rd, 2014, from 7:30 – ~ 8:45 PM

Where:  The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' (VDGIF's) Training Room

Address:  4010 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23230. (See directions below.)

Program:  Jeff Greenspan and My Group Auctions program along with our Annual July Grand Auction!  

About our program: “First Annual July Grand Auction Meeting!!

Jeff Greenspan, our speaker, will share with us auction background, history and key usage knowledge for his site, www.MyGroupAuctions.com , and be the key auctioneer for this “Much Larger than Normal” auction evening for live plants, fish and other critters and hard goods.

Jeff will demonstrate to us how to sign up his auction site, how to upload items and pictures of items for sale, how to follow up on and bid on numerous Association site auctions and how to print both labels and printouts of items being sold.

We will be using this site monthly going forward and it will allow our members to post items that you wish to sell well in advance and to be able to see what is being put up for sale.  We will have two JRAS members entering individuals and items brought in for auction during the meeting prior to the actual auction. Jeff is a very experienced auctioneer so BRING PLENTY OF CASH as we are not (yet) set up for debit or credit “swipe” technology. Hopefully we will have this “plastic” usage capability coming as soon as next month.

About our program speaker: Jeff Greenspan

Jeff is an IT entrepreneur who has kept fish continuously since grade school when his parents bought him a 10 gallon tank with guppies. Although his MTS (multiple tank syndrome) is currently under control, he’s had as many as 30 tanks with almost 2000 gallons in operation. Current interests run toward New World cichlids and catfish, both Corydora and Loricariidae, but in the past, Jeff has maintained just about everything at one time or another. He’s bred many of the large Central American cichlids and many species of Corydora.

On the IT side, Jeff developed MyGroupAuctions to support all tropical fish hobbyists, and says that this site will remain free as long as he can afford to offer it. There are numerous benefits to using the system which he will go over extensively in this meeting.  Jeff, who just so happens to be working on an IT project in Richmond until October, is looking forward to meeting our JRAS group, sharing a few stories, and helping out with the auction.

Auction: As stated above, this will be NO ORDINARY AUCTION, as we will be holding our auctions prior to the end for the meeting with an eye toward selling off as many interesting fish, plants, critters and hard goods as possible. Now would be a GREAT TIME to clean out your attic and get rid of a lot of gear/hard goods that are just clogging up your storage space!  That’s what Susan and I plan on doing.

Hope to see you all at DGIF for Jeff Greenspan’s auction presentation and our FIRST ANNUAL JULY GRAND AUCTION!!  Remember to BRING ALL YOUR FISH, PLANTS, CRITTERS, AND HARDGOODS THAT YOU’D LIKE TO SELL on Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:30 PM!


Dennis Bragg

JRAS President

Cell/Text: 804-690-2152


My Tanks. 
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PostSubject: Re: JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!    Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:20 am

I am not able to attend, but Potomac Valley Aquarium Society is sending down some donations. If you haven't been able to make in up to NOVA for a PVAS auction, this would be a preview of what to expect at a PVAS auction.

In addition to the auction, there will be a chance to sign up for the Catfish Convention.

Here are the auction listings so far:

100 5 Metallic Livebearer or Cuban Livebearer, Giardinus metallicus. These are believed to be 3 Females and 2 Males, although still immature. $0.00
101 (5) Tadpoles $0.00
104 Ludwigia repens x arcuata Several strands $0.00
105 (5) Tadpoles $0.00
106 (5) Tadpoles $0.00
107 (Cool Aspidoras spilotus, a small easy to breed catfish $0.00
108 (Cool Aspidoras spilotus, a small easy to breed catfish $0.00
109 (Cool CW052 Aspidoras sp Black Fin $0.00
110 Java moss $0.00
111 Java moss $0.00
112 Trident Java Fern. Picture is representative. $0.00
113 Anubias sp Gasser, very rare $0.00
114 Echinodorus parviflora, a small Amazon sword. Picture is representative. $0.00
115 5/way breeder box, hang on tank great for livebearers $0.00
116 10 gal tank. COMPLETE SETUP,tank/top/heater/hob filter/ light/gravel. ALL YOU NEED IS WATER! $10.00
117 TRIO Panda Guppies (1 male 2 female) $0.00
118 Tri Hi End Platys (1 male 2 female) $0.00
119 Dwarf Papyrus Pond Plant $0.00
120 Water Hyacinth, Pond Plant $0.00
121 Water Lettuce, Pond Plant $0.00
122 12+ Red Cherry Shrimp $0.00
123 Panda Guppy group $0.00
124 Driftwood - Mazanita $0.00
125 Zebra Obliquens - male - stock photo - great fish for African Cichlid communities $0.00
126 3 Assassin snails - stock photo - great at eliminating pest snails $0.00
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PostSubject: Re: JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!    Thu Jul 24, 2014 6:40 am

The meeting and auction went long, but very good selection of fish, plants and equipment.  
They are going to use the MyGroupAution in the future. Very easy to use.  Other clubs PVAS and CCAS both use that software for their auctions.  Should be able to get a list before meetings.

Steve Ruiz
My aquarium blogspot
Aquariums: 90, 45, 125, 20 long, Fish Room Racks: 2 x 55 gal  and 2 x 15 gal  and a Fluval Spec V
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PostSubject: Re: JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!    Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:22 pm

RAS (Raleigh) has been using MyGroupAuctions for several years now. It's great to be able to preview what's available. But keep in mind that a LOT of the entries (typically more than half) dont get entered until the night before or morning of the auction, especially the fish. Our next Raleigh auction will be Sunday Sept 14 at the NC State Fairgrounds.
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PostSubject: Re: JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!    

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JRAS - Wednesday, July 23, Grand Auction!

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