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 LiveFishDirect Review

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PostSubject: LiveFishDirect Review   Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:22 pm

I have gone to this site many times to snoop around, and often found really good deals. The only reason I have not purchased was they are in Utah, and I was afraid distance too far to risk receiving dead or very distressed fish. Boy was I wrong. I tried them out this week buying a 4" Azureus, 3.5" Sulphurhead, two 4" Yellow Labs, and a 3" Red Zebra. All arrived packaged as good as I have ever seen from any online fish store. I had several questions prior to ordering and Josh the owner was very prompt in answering and helping me. As a matter of fact when I told him I was ready to place the order he told me to wait two days as he was putting together a big sale for the weekend and I could get a better buy.
He ships over night and only charged $39. His box was heat packed, and bagged fish were in sealed pouches instead of leaky plastic bags. Each pouch was carefully wrapped in newspaper to add even more insulation as well as cushioning the fish from moving in the box. All fish were very healthy and completely as he described them. (Not always so with some of the other sites I have used) Another very impressive feature with Live Fish Direct is they Guarantee their fish for 14 Days! Almost unheard of with online shippers who reluctantly want to give you credit for "dead on arrivals"
I highly recommend trying these guys.  

Live Fish Direct

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PostSubject: Re: LiveFishDirect Review   Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:26 am

nice pick ups. Take some pictures of them if you can! I always want to order online but I like to pick the fish out myself.
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PostSubject: Re: LiveFishDirect Review   Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:43 pm

Thanks for the review Ron. Online acquisitions account for some of the better lines in our area. The hobby has benefited greatly because of online shopping for fish and supplies... Cool

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PostSubject: Re: LiveFishDirect Review   

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LiveFishDirect Review

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