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 want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish

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PostSubject: want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish   Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:58 pm

Been awhile since I was on here but I have two tanks that I want to add some fish to. One is a 125g and the other a 75g. I am looking for two-three pairs for the 125g. I would like fish that have paired off. I would like a Pair of Koi and Golden and if possible I would consider the pearl white angelfish. I prefer non-veil or veil tail. Please no super veil tails. I just don't like the droopy fins and they seem to swim funny. That's just me. I know many like them Smile

Now for my new CA/SA tank. I have had a 75g going for over a year and used it to home my extra females from my Mbuna tank. I want to convert it not to a CA/SA tank. I do not want huge fish12-20 inch Smile. I would like to stay with 3-10 inch with most fish being around 6-7in or below. Below is some fish that I think would work together and wouldn't get to big. I will be upgrading my hap tank to 200+ later next year so that will allow me to move the SA/CA to the 125g. If you have any of the angels above or the fish below let me know. Also, I am new to CA/SA fish so if you have or know of a fish that's better or a fish I should remove from my list please let me know. Thanks for any help.

1. Hypselecara temporalis AKA Chocolate cichlid SA
2. Herotilapia multispinosa AKA Rainbow cichlid CA
4. Heros spurius
5. H. severus aka banded
6. Thorichthys meeki AKA Firemouth
7. Cichlasoma bocourti CA
8. Chuco Microphthalmus
9. Cryptoheros Cutteri aka cutter / blue eye
10. Centrarchus Flier cichlid CA
11. Cryptoheros nanoluteus aka Yellow dwarf
12. Oblongum rare
13. Cryptoheros sajica
14. Thorichthys Pasiones sorta like a firemouth


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PostSubject: Re: want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish   Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:58 am

Welcome back. I’ll address the Angelfish portion of your post with my opinion, in particular your seeking three pair. Buying pairs is a possible route to get instant gratification but pairs don’t come with guarantees. Another consideration is that proven pairs can be older fish. I would avoid those.  They may not have as many reproductive days ahead of them as behind them.  That means no fry or mating behavior to observe. Acquiring proven pairs can also be expensive. I have seen people pay ridiculous prices for pairs of some varieties when purchased online and shipping cost are added.  Sometimes we do have to pay extra for what we want.

A very common approach is to purchase enough young fish to have a high likelihood of producing the number of pairs you desire.  When I’m trying to develop pairs I use at least three or four fish for every pair I desire. I raise the fish for about six to nine months until they mature.  That being said, not everyone does things the same way.

That includes preference of fins. I totally agree with you. I don’t like droopy fins or fish that swim funny.  The cause of the majority of bent droopy fins is environmental and not genetic.  Superveils are very susceptible to fin damage but grown in good conditions can be beautiful.  Good luck finding the pairs you desire. I have purchased and made some good trades from our members… Smile

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PostSubject: Re: want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:19 am

Chocolate cichlid, Thorichthys species (maculipinnis, ellioti, aureum in addition to those you listed), and centrarchus are some of my favorites. I also really like Aequidens (patricki, metae, etc), keyholes, Geophagus, Acarichthys, Biotodoma, Acaronia, ...

With the convict-clan (sajica, cutteri, red-points, etc) make sure you can tell them apart if you're mixing them. You might get hybrids if the "right" male is bullied by a more dominant male of the "wrong" species. I would probably keep just one species from each genus per tank to reduce the risk of hybrids and also aggression. They're most likely to fight with similar-looking species.
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PostSubject: Re: want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish   Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:39 pm

H. severus (aka banded) can either be peaceful or they can be vicious all depends on the individual fish. and a pair would rule a 75 gallon especially if they spawn. I have a wild pair in a 150 and they pretty much rule the tank at roughly 10 inches. the are housed with a HUGE male golden angel 5 silver dollars and a sailfin pleco and they are pretty good not to rough as far as bullying goes. I had a large male years ago that killed or nearly killed anything I put in with it including a 24 inch arowana and that was in a 125
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PostSubject: Re: want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish   

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want to add a few fish to my tanks. CA/SA and Angelfish

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