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 Fluval Spec V with accessories $220 OBO. Fan District RVA

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PostSubject: Fluval Spec V with accessories $220 OBO. Fan District RVA   Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:36 pm

Includes: InTank custom media basket and surface skimmer, aftermarket Marineland circulation pump +original, ViaAqua 50 watt heater, all plants/livestock if desired, stock lighting, original packaging.

Getting rid of my Fluval Spec V five gallon. Includes many extra accessories. If the stock lighting was upgraded it could make an excellent pico reef tank. Right now it serves as a very interesting planted tank and would be great as a low maintenance desktop tank for your home or office. It's about 6 months old, and I'm selling to upgrade to a new 20 gallon. All plants and live stock are available as well, and I'm even willing to deliver locally if you want it intact as is. Pictures are available upon request.

Current Stock:

2 neon tetra
3 emerald eye rasboras
2 nerite snails (brown stripe)
2 ghost shrimp
1 anubis nana planted in a broken conch shell
1 banana plant
1 narrow leaf java sword, multiple new plants budding from the original.
2 cardinal plants
1 large piece seasoned tropical hardwood centerpiece. Fits the tank extremely well.
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Fluval Spec V with accessories $220 OBO. Fan District RVA

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