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 48" T5 Quad 216W w/Timer 6500K Plant Version - KING GEORGE

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PostSubject: 48" T5 Quad 216W w/Timer 6500K Plant Version - KING GEORGE   Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:32 am

Selling my 2 year old HIGH LIGHT aquarium fixture because I no longer have the time to maintain a high-light aquarium, so I'll be stepping down to a lower intensity light fixture. I bought this fixture in November of 2013 and it still works great. The original bulbs are all still working fine, but will probably need to be replaced in the foreseeable future.

NOTE: Two of the blue LEDs sometimes flicker a bit.

I'd like about $50 for the fixture, but will consider reasonable offers. Cash only. Buyer must come pick up the light.

Specs wrote:
48" T5 Quad 216W w/Timer 6500K Plant Version (4x 54W)
Excellent for any freshwater, discus, and planted setups. Includes built-in timer for automatic operations.
Fixture comes with 4x 6500K lamps.


  • Dimensions - 48.00” x 8.50” x 3.00”
    Brackets add 2.75" in height
    Supports 4x 54W T5 high output fluorescent lamps
    Supports 4x Bluemoon LED
    216W total power
    Built-in Timer for automatic light settings
    Black, non corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
    Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
    Highly polished, contoured reflector
    Cooling Fan
    Mounting brackets (four adjustable legs)


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48" T5 Quad 216W w/Timer 6500K Plant Version - KING GEORGE

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