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 James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting July 2016

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PostSubject: James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting July 2016   Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:18 am

Hi Gang,

We will be holding our regular July 2016 James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting this Wednesday,
July 27th at 7:00 PM at the Department of Game and Inland fisheries (DGIF’s) facility located at 7870 Villa Park Drive, Henrico, VA 23228. DGIF is in Suite 400 and the DGIF Board Room’s after hours’ entry door is easily visible from the parking lot in the front of the building. Any questions contact Dennis Bragg, Cell/Text: (804) 690-2152.

On a sad note, the Raleigh Aquarium Society and JRAS lost a true friend as Frank Montillo, RAS’ 2016 President, passed away on Monday, June 6th. Frank was an ever present aquarium enthusiast who, along with many other RAS members, did much to help our JRAS organization get up and running. Frank’s presence will be greatly missed when we visit monthly meeting, workshops and auctions in Raleigh. Frank was a true friend to all and a steady guide in the aquarium hobby. His passing marks a milestone in our and RAS’ organizational history. Read Frank’s memorial below under RAS announcements.

About our July 27th Program: "New World Cichlids”
Larry Jinks will present a program on "New World Cichlids" which will cover an introduction to cichlids in general, including new and old world cichlids. Larry lives in Wake Forest, NC and is currently the Breeder Awards Program (BAP) Chairperson for the Raleigh Aquarium Society, of Raleigh, NC.

About our Program Speaker: Larry Jinks


Larry Jinks, of Wake Forest, NC, raised and bred tropical fish as a youth, but stopped for a track and field career in college. After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology at Rutgers College and a master’s in biology from Montclair State, he embarked on a 37-year career as a high school biology teacher and track coach. After retiring, Larry and his wife, Joanne, shut down his NJ fishroom in April 2009 and followed their children and grandchildren south and built a new home (with a new fish room) in Wake Forest, NC. Larry will detail information on Cichlids in general and New World Cichlid species in particular that he has bred and currently breeds in his current fishroom.

Larry has been active in the Breeder Award Programs (BAP) at North Jersey AS, Jersey Shore AS, Brooklyn AS, Raleigh AS, Atlanta Area AS, and the American Livebearer Association and is currently an officer in the Raleigh Aquarium Society.  He has received BAP credit for over 340 species of fish and has been to fish shows in eight different states, winning Best of Show in four states. Now a fulltime grandpa, Larry still enjoys attending fish conventions, working in his new fish room and trading fish with other hobbyists.

As always, Larry plans on bringing unusual fish that he has bred for our monthly auction!

About This Month’s Meeting
As usual, there will be a prize drawing at this meeting for our members. See Chuck McClung, Membership Chair, for details. The JRAS Membership Committee is usually at our meeting a few minutes early for those who want to pay their dues for a 2016 Membership and be eligible for the prize drawing at this meeting.

JRAS Monthly Pre-Meeting Dinner Gathering at Frida’s Mexican Restaurant with our speaker, Larry Jinks and his wife Joanne!
As usual, we will again be inviting all our members to dine with a group of us and get to know our speaker at 5:30 pm just before our Wednesday Monthly Membership Meeting.

We always having a group of JRAS attendees / hungry diners between 5:30 and 6 pm to socialize / eat with our speaker to get to know them a little better. Frida’s Mexican Restaurant is located very near our meeting site at 910 East Parham Road, Richmond, VA23228. Join us if you can -- we always have fun, and the food is inexpensive and very good! For a few of us, it is the only way that we can eat before arriving at our 7 pm meeting as many are coming directly from work or would rather not go home before coming to the meeting.

JRAS Future Monthly Meeting Programs:
Note: Usually our monthly meetings start at 7:00 PM and almost all are held at the Department of Game and Inland fisheries’ (DGIF’s) facility located at 7870 Villa Park Drive, Henrico, VA 23228. DGIF is in Suite 400. The DGIF Board Room’s after hour’s entry door is easily visible from the parking lot in the front of the building.

Future Monthly Meeting Programs / Looking Ahead:
We have been able to get two renowned speakers for our October 12 and November 16 meetings! Ian Fuller and Diana Walstad’s bios are below. Note: Both our October and November meetings will, due to timing, not be held on the 4th Wednesday of those months, however. Ian will be in the US for for the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention being held in Herndon, VA from October 13-16 (https://www.facebook.com/catfishcon) and is traveling to Richmond just before the CatCon convention to present to us. Diana Walstad’s November meeting is being moved to the 3rd Wednesday due to a conflict with the Thanksgiving holidays. We rarely move meetings from the 4th Wednesday, but thought it justified in both these cases.

Our upcoming 2016 and 2017 meetings:

July 27th                                Larry Jinks, “New World Cichlids”
Aug 24th                        Offsite Meeting In Richmond, TBD
Sep 28th                        TBD
Oct* 12th                               Ian Fuller, Corydoras Program Speaker, (2nd Wed in Oct) due to speaker availability
Nov* 16thth                    Diana Walstad, “Planted Tanks are Good for Fish” (3rd Wed in Nov due to Thanksgiving)
Dec* 10th                              Annual Holiday Party (2nd Sat, due to Christmas holidays).
Jan 25 th, 2017               Michael Barber “Catching Killifish in Peru”    
Feb 22nd, 2017              Larry Jinks, JRAS Poll, either    1) "Working with Livebearers",
2) "Breeding Catfish," or
3) "General Breeding Strategies for Freshwater Tropical Fish

Mark your 2016 and 2017 calendars for our monthly meetings!

The following program topics not listed above, are also sought, but not booked over the following 12 months: “Rare Cryptocorynes,” “Fish Aggression,” “Coralline Propagation, and “Discus”.

Most of our monthly meetings take place at our usual meeting site at The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ 7870 Villa Park Drive, Henrico, VA 23228.

Should you know of any other topics, or willing saltwater, freshwater, or natural conservation speakers, please let us know about them as we are always on the lookout for great program topics and speakers!

Steve Ruiz
My aquarium blogspot
Aquariums: 90, 45, 125, 20 long, Fish Room Racks: 2 x 55 gal  and 2 x 15 gal  and a Fluval Spec V
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PostSubject: Re: James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting July 2016   Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:10 pm

Diana Walstad. I do not get out much (wheelchair and so forth) but I would like to hear her speak.

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James River Aquarium Society Monthly Meeting July 2016

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