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 Help! Oscar is sick Please help me :((((

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PostSubject: Help! Oscar is sick Please help me :((((   Thu May 25, 2017 6:49 am

Okay I made some serious mistakes. My 6 inch oscar in a 40 gallon tank had ick so I tried treating with "Ick Remedy"

day 1- 4 I used ick remedy directions 25% water changes and medicine everyday. I noticed he had locked fins so I discontinued using idk (only sponge filter)

day 5- 25% water change 10 teaspoons of salt ( Switched to salt ick treatment)(only sponge filter)

day 6- 25% water change 15 teaspoons of salt -changed temperature from 82-86F(only sponge filter)

day 7- 25% water change 15 teaspoons of salt- Changed temp from 86-89F(only sponge filter) Seemed better so decided to give another dose of the "Ick remedy"(Really bad idea!)

day 8- oscar showing very little movement, not eating and laying on its side- 25% water change 9am-25% water change noon(changed temp back to 82)- 25 % water change 8pm added bubble line(only sponge filter)

day 9- oscar showing in less movement- 25% water change 7 am- 25% water change noon -9pm oscar not moving I set up 3 air lines with air stones I have switch the sponge filters I had to a carbon packages to my hang over the back cheap  60 . I added a 110 Fluvial back hang filter with sponge, carbon, and biomes. tank readings(test strip)- Nitrate 20, Nitrate 0, hardness 75, alkalinity 80, PH 7.2

day 10- Oscar is not moving much but still alive

Please help me! I love my fish. I just bought him a huge tank this past weekend to transfer him into.



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PostSubject: Re: Help! Oscar is sick Please help me :((((   Thu May 25, 2017 10:32 am

If his breathing rate looks normal and eyes are not too cloudy, he may recover OK. Sick or stressed oscars often lay on the bottom looking sad, more so than most other cichlids do. If he's interested in eating, offer earthworms, but stressed oscars may not eat. Ammonia (ammonium) is what you need to be measuring in a tank with medication. Nitrate is less important.
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Help! Oscar is sick Please help me :((((

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