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 150-gallon eartheater community

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PostSubject: 150-gallon eartheater community   Fri May 18, 2012 9:12 am

Here is a short updated video of the Geophagus sp. orange-head "Tapajos" tank. There are 4 Bolivian rams that mingle with the geos, and a single wild leopoldi angel that will show up late in the video (very shy fish!). Various tetras, including H. bentosi and black neons, ember tetras, a couple of cardinals and a few het rasboras make up the rest of the community, along with a single juvenile BN pleco.

The geos are getting some color on them and I seem to have a single dominant male that is much larger than all the other geos, but otherwise I can't sex them other than using size as a guide. I will have to learn how to vent! I'll be interested in culling this group down pretty soon so if anyone is interested let me know. I'll be adding wild angels to the mix for the upper parts of the tank and need to make room.

(BTW, Flip, I tried to upload this to my account on Youtube, but I keep getting an error message about the file type being wrong. This is a crummy cell phone vid so I ought to use my regular digicam and redo it for Youtube)

Below the vid is a pic of the 45-gal that has some juvie bentosi tetras and black neons, as well as a juvie BN plec. This is the tank where I'll quarantine my wild angels, so I'm going for dim lighting with floating plants and sticks to put them at ease.

Next is a pic of Rufus, my betta that's on my desk at work in a 5 gal with some very happy C. walkerii.

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150-gallon eartheater community

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