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PostSubject: Aquatraders   Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:51 pm

I have ordered several things from them recently, and am very pleased. I've been looking to replace a relatively expensive light fixture, and I found it very inexpensively here ($60 for a 48" 2x54wT5HO fixture, free shipping!) and also for bulbs. I ordered 4 36w CF straight pin bulbs that were $10 per bulb, which is cheap compared to some sites, and I got $5 off for ordering 4 bulbs, so I paid $30 for 4 CF bulbs.

I received the items about 4 days after ordering, even with free shipping, which is not too shabby. A while back I ordered the 54wT5HO bulbs, which are very skinny and long for a 48" fixture, very easy to bend and break, and they came packed in a long box that was 8" square, with the bulbs in the center in bubble wrap and peanuts, so there was no danger of breakage during shipping - very well done.

This site is mostly lights and equipment for aquariums, and mostly SW supplies like overflow boxes and plumbing supplies, but in my price comparison this place has the best prices, in some cases half of what you'd pay on Drs. Foster & Smith, for instance.

It's worth checking out!

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